Except for islands, we exclusively ship within the United

If the inventory is positive, it takes 3-5 business days to
ship every order. Once the order has been dispatched, you will get an email
with tracking information and a call to schedule the delivery. We will email
you right away if there is a stock issue or warehouse transfer issue.

We use all common freight carriers including T-force, FedEx,
Estes, SEFL, and ODFL.

Returns Policy

We work
with a number of the finest and most reputable freight firms in the country.
They have a claim ratio of less than 1%. Even with this in mind, damage happens
occasionally. Every order comes with a delivery checklist that describes how to
check it once it has been received. Our claims department can issue a
replacement order and submit a claim with the freight carrier at no cost to you
if you report the damage at the time of delivery. Details can be found on our
Shipping Information page.

All of our
purchases are shipped through a "common carrier," commonly known as
an LTL or less-than-truckload carrier. In terms of delivery speed and least
amount of damage, this is the ideal way to send flooring materials. These
carriers have a minimum fee to ship an order in light of this. The minimal fee
for the freight carrier will be shown by our system if the quantity you are
looking for fits into that category. The majority of flooring items cannot be
shipped through UPS, FedEx, etc. due to their weight and considerable risk of

contact our sales department for a special invoice if you still wish to take on
the risk and require the material to be delivered by UPS or FedEx.

Due to the
nature of the items we offer and the number of orders we handle, it is
possible that if you phone us on Monday morning to check on stock and it was
good at the time, it may have been gone by the time another order came in that
afternoon. Reserving the stock by making a full or partial payment is the best
course of action in this situation.

We will attempt to match any cheaper pricing quotes you obtain from local
merchants or other online flooring companies. Just provide us a detailed
quotation that details the cost, delivery, and other details so we can verify
the price. Product prices are covered by this price guarantee, however in some
circumstances freight rates are not.

We may
accommodate you if you wish to benefit from a current discount pricing on one
of our products but you do not need the flooring delivered right away. Any of our
items can be ordered right away, with shipment put off for up to four months.
Simply submit the order, pay a down payment (usually 40%), and let us know when
you want the flooring delivered. Prior to the delivery date, we will get in
touch with you to confirm the shipment timeline and get the outstanding amount.
This will spare you the inconvenience of having to keep the material yourself
and allow you to take advantage of the discounted rate right away.